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     The Nirvanza Company was founded on the vision of Dr. Nipaporn Unruen, who will help the Thai people in both education and the domestic economy. In education, we will focus on bilingual education and support a wide range of tutoring systems for teaching and learning learners. Furthermore, Thai youth will receive effective education, resulting in student success in learning to help improve their lives through education.
     In terms of economy, the Nirvanza Company has established itself as a sale marketing service, selling and distributing products to Thai people together and marketing to foreigners. If you are Thai and want to sell your items both in Thailand and abroad, you can reach us in any way you want. You can contact us if you live outside of Thailand and want to trade Thai products on our website. If you want to find Thai products, we can act as a sale marketing service to help you to find them. Also in the trading, we will do wholesale sales only.

D-U-N-S Number: 66-145-3368

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